Pilates is more than a physical fitness regimen of mindlessly repeated exercises. Pilates is a workout system that teaches you to be mindful of the body in everything that you do.


It has a long established history, and this is because it delivers tangible results. Physically, it cultivates a critical balance of posture, strength and flexibility. Emotionally, it’s calming, satisfying, and invigorating. We strongly believe that Pilates exercise is proven to be a real boost for quality life; our Pilates courses teach you how to engage with your core even when carrying out day-to-day activities. You will learn how to work from inside out, retraining your deep establishing muscles. Pilates will help you to have less back pain, a better posture, a sleeker figure and more confidence in yourself.


If you want to feel the advantages that a Pilates course will provide to your body and mind by yourself, take a look around our website to find out more about Pilates Life and how we could help you. If you live in the Newcastle Upon Tyne or Northumberland area, and you’re interested in joining one of our Pilates Classes, please get in touch via the contact page, We’d love to see you in our next class!


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