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Benefits of Pilates

'Breathing is the first act of life and the last.' Joseph Pilates

Pilates trains your body to move according to its natural design. By moving well, you radiate grace and confidence, which makes you look taller and slimmer. This is one of the many benefits people find when they take up Pilates, but it brings many other ones too:

  • Improved posture and body alignment
  • A healthy spine and stronger back muscles
  • A stronger core: flatter abdominals, a stronger back and pelvic floor
  • Improved muscle tone and strength, without bulking
  • Release of stress leading to more energy
  • Improved balance and coordination
  • More efficient breathing
  • Increased range of motion around joints
  • Improve back pain afflictions
  • Attain better control of your body

Strengthen and lengthen muscles promoting correct alignment

Each exercise in the class is carefully chosen to strengthen and lengthen the muscles and promote correct alignment throughout the whole body, thus reducing wear and tear around joints, especially the joints of the spine. Each movement is practised with total attention, uniting the mind and body and enabling you to move in the most efficient and effective way. By the end of the Pilates class tension that often collects in the neck and shoulders will be released and the attention that has been placed on breathing fully and deeply will have oxygenated and invigorated your mind, body and spirit.

Booking a class

If you live in the Newcastle Upon Tyne or Northumberland area, and you’re interested in joining one of our Pilates Classes, please get in touch, We’d love to see you in our next class! You can reach me via the details on my contacts page.