I’m delighted to announce that I am now offering online Pilates classes, starting the week beginning Monday 30th March.

Paula Bennett - Pilates LifeNow, if you’re anything like me (my husband calls me a dinosaur!) you will be thinking that anything done online is bound to involve faffing with fiddly gadgetry. I was sceptical myself at first, as I spend my days, and nights undoing the technology out of people’s bodies, trying to counteract the effects  of sitting at a desk for hours on end, and trying to alleviate the lower back discomfort that comes from holding postures for too long. But…how things have changed – I’ve become an on online whizz!!!

At first, I thought this sounded like the most scary thing in the world, but as I’ve spent time with it I’ve found it’s actually quite an amazing resource. I’ve noticed my regular clients have been doing the exercises better than ever. Exercises that I’ve been showing for years seem to be more precise as they can see me without any-one in the way. I can see closely that they are refining their technique.

I’m normally a very hands- on teacher and so to move away from this has been a difficult transition, but actually I’ve found this brings the control back to you. On a personal note I have found that Pilates has given me control over my own body (I can manage any aches, and pains and tension as they arises) and that’s all I really want for my clients – to have control and mastery over their own bodies.

I appreciate doing an online class isn’t for everyone -, it wasn’t for me . I would normally have turned my nose up at that. But I’ve tried several and I’m really enjoying it. If you do want to take a leap and try a class with me then have a look at the timetable of classes. This will change as I add more classes.


Day Time Level
Monday 6pm Level 1
7.15pm Level 2
Tuesday 7.30am Level 1/2
Wednesday 10am Level 1
11.15am Level 1/2
7pm Level 2/Advanced
Thursday 6pm Level 1
7.15pm Beginners
Saturday 10am Level 1/2 mixed
Beginners: Completely new to Pilates/or want to work at a gentle level Level 1: Will have done a Beginners course or have done some Pilates before Level 2: More challenging, intermediate Pilates Level 3: Advanced Pilates


I’m offering 4 weeks for £20. So effectively classes will cost £5 but with this option you can do an extra class a week if you like (reducing the cost to £2.50 per class). If you don’t want to commit to anything at this time, which is completely understandable, then a one- off class will be charged at £6.

I also plan to share lots of free resources to supplement my classes, with different focuses so you can sample new techniques, as well as short meditations.


£20 for 4 weeks 

£6 individual class

Online banking or Paypal (details on request)

Email: pilateswithpaula@gmail.com

Next Steps

If you would like to try a class, let me know which one you’d like to do, and I will book you in (maximum number of 12 people as per Body Control Guidelines)

Download ZOOM (a free app – please see guide.- I’ll attach in an email)

Read through and complete the health enrolment form. (I’ll attach in an email.)

Once payment has been received I will send you the link to join the class

I hope to see you soon,


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